How to reduce the increased weight in Thyroid? Follow these easy ways


  • Green tea is effective in weight loss
  • weight loss by consuming garlic

Thyroid: Thyroid problem is common among people these days. People suffer from thyroid in two ways. In one, people’s body starts swelling more than necessary, then other people start becoming too thin. How to deal with increased cause of thyroid problem? This remains a common problem among the people. Let’s know how to reduce your weight in thyroid problem?

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Thyroid problem is also related to lifestyle to a great extent. In today’s lifestyle, people consume more fast food, due to which the problem of thyroid increases more. Due to the enlargement of thyroid, people become victims of obesity.

Thyroid weight loss remedies


Due to the medicinal properties of garlic, it is effective in many diseases. Garlic is considered very beneficial in reducing the increased weight due to thyroid. To lose weight, consuming garlic buds on an empty stomach is very beneficial.

green tea

It is considered necessary for thyroid patients to consume green tea to lose weight. Thyroid patients start losing weight by consuming green tea twice a day. 

It is necessary to
reduce weight, in the problem of thyroid, yoga exercises prove to be very effective in reducing weight. These yoga exercises are considered essential to reduce weight.

  • Sarvangasana
  • Halasan
  • throne
  • humor
  • matsyasana

Disclaimer: This information has been written on the basis of Ayurvedic prescriptions. India TV does not confirm its success or its veracity. Do consult a doctor before using them. 

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